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Spine labels for spiral notebooks — Somebody please invent them!

August 23, 2009

I’ve never seen a solution to this problem: When you’ve used spiral notebooks for many years, how do you tell them apart on the shelf? Here’s what I mean:


Kind of a mess, huh? How can I find all of the treasures no doubt concealed in these notebooks?

I guess you might be able to slip a label down inside the spiral of a notebook, but if you opened it a lot, the label would probably get mauled.

Anyway, this seems like a niche need for which someone might be able to invent a marketable solution!

AB — 23 August 2009

My thinker’s shirt-pocket gear

August 23, 2009

My family is ashamed to be seen in public with me, but I am prepared for most situations that thinkers encounter away from home, because I always have my custom gear in my shirt-pocket:


Here’s the exploded view with specs below:


From left to right:

1. Spiral-bound note pad, 3″ x 4″, blank (not lined!) paper — I get these custom-made cheap at the print shop of any big-box office-supply store like Staples. They can be made from an off-the-shelf package of note pads.

2. Four-color ballpoint pen — The only one I’ve been able to find is the one made by Bic. Includes colors blue, black, red, and green.

3. Pen-size highlighter — The one shown is a Sharpie.

4. Three-way pen — includes ballpoint (blue or black), mechanical pencil, and PDA stylus — This one is the PhD Multi by Papermate, the most dependable of its type and price range.

5. .005/.20 mm fine-line marker for very fine notations and interlinear notes — The one shown is the Micron pen, but Prismacolor also makes a pen of this type.

AB — 23 August 2009